Private Lessons

We offer private training lessons to our clients. These lessons are one on one training with a professional dog trainer. The lessons are held over several weeks. The trainer and client will meet for one day a week for one hour. The client will have to complete homework through out the week to teach the dog the skills the client was shown in class. The clients will need to dedicate twenty minutes a day to training his or her dog. 

Board and Train

We offer two types of board and train programs. In these programs the client leaves his four legged family member to board and train with a professional trainer. The programs are 14 and 21 day training experiences which also includes follow up classes to teach the owner how to handle his newly trained family member.  

Behavior Modification

Our manners program is designed to help you teach your four legged family member how to be a well behaved pet. The program teaches the owner how to plan potty training and leash training, how to correct barking, jumping, chewing, food stealing, bitting and digging. The program also teaches the owner how to use an adversive to correct for bad behaver. This program is a one day class that last one hour and thirty minutes. 

Training Skills

Most training programs offer only a few skills for a high price. At P.D.T. we offer much more than the average dog training company. P.D.T. includes in every training program obedience commands, behavior modification and retrieving/ tug (no force retrieve) at an affordable price for all.. We also include our behavior modification program for free in all our obedience programs. To top all this off we offer a life time training guarantee. on select programs. see program tab for more details